Ilan Amit

Doctoral researcher



Ilan Amit – Doctoral researcher

Ilan Amit is a PhD candidate in the project. He received his B.A in Geography and Environmental development and M.A in Urban Planning from Ben Gurion University in Israel. Ilan had done extensive work in the field of development as part of Israel’s civil society and human rights organisations.

As a member of the research project “The Social Life of State Deportation Regimes”, Ilan is responsible for the research conducted in Israel – Palestine. He explores the treatment of irregular migrants in Israel during registration, detention, deportation and coerced ‘voluntary return’. His research focuses on the experience of various governmental agencies, street – level agents and civil – society actors. Ilan’s research seeks to understand the mutual constituency existing between the ‘external’ management of the Palestinian population in the West bank and the ‘internal’ management of irregular migrants by the state of Israel.

Ilan’s research interests include anthropology of the state, irregular migrants, asylum seekers and refugees, civil society in Israel – Palestine and contemporary colonialism.