Barak Kalir

Associate Professor



Barak Kalir is Associate Professor at the Department of Anthropology, University of Amsterdam. He is the Co-Director of the Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies (IMES) and the Program Director of the research group “Moving Matters: People, Goods, Power and Ideas”. His research interests include: deportation, national belonging, and the interface between legality and illegality in the social dynamics that shape human mobility across (state) borders. He currently leads a 5-year ERC-funded project: ‘The Social Life of State Deportation Regimes’ in which the implementation of deportation regimes is ethnographically examined in 6 states: Greece, Spain, Belgium, Israel, Ecuador and Indonesia.

Among his recent academic publications are:

2016   The deportation continuum: convergences between state agents and NGO workers in the Dutch deportation field. Citizenship Studies 20(1): 34-49 (with Lieke Wissink)

2015   The Jewish state of anxiety: Between moral obligation and fearism in the treatment of African asylum seekers in Israel. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 41(4), 580-598.

2014   The integration matrix reloaded: from ethnic fixations to established versus outsiders dynamics in the Netherlands. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 40(9), 1354-1374. (with Bowen Paulle)

2012   Transnational Flows and Permissive Polities: Ethnographies of Human

Mobilities in Asia. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press. (with Malini Sur)

2012   Moving Subjects, Stagnant Paradigms: Can the “mobilities paradigm” transcend methodological nationalism? Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 39(2): 1-17.