Project title:

Deporting ‘failed’ EU citizens: the eviction and expulsion of Romanians of Roma ethnicity in France

Case Study Summary:

The project explores the policy implementation and institutional practices in France leading to the deportation of thousands of EU citizens, mainly Romanian citizens of Roma ethnicity living in the regions of Paris and Marseille. The case study aims to document and analyse the street-level bureaucrats’ and non-state agents’ management and understanding of their work while engaging in the processes of eviction and deportation of Romanian citizens.

The scope is two-fold: first, to determine how state and non-state actors work (together) to evict Roma settlements and to deport Roma from France; second, to trace how these actors establish collaborations with Romanian state agencies in order to facilitate such deportations.

Background information:

Each year EU citizens represent one third of the total deportations from France to other EU countries. Like any deportable person, EU citizens are often detained (40% are arrested and detained in centres de rétention administrative), experiencing severe injuries or even death. Deportations per se of EU citizens have been scarcely if at all analysed, and even less was explores the gender bias within the deportation apparatus.

In France, available data refer to evictions without including the removals from the territory following an administrative or repatriation order by OFII (French Office for Immigration and Integration), whereas the investigations of different forms of expulsion of EU citizens performed by the French state cover mainly the issues of legality and the political compliance with the European laws and regulations.

In Romania, the data show the country of origin’s contribution and participation in repatriation processes as a reliable collaborator (for OFII and IOM) for receiving and policing Roma deportees. By contrast, the official outcomes and results are still waited to be made public and to be analysed in their legal and political meaning.




1) GISTI a group for migrants’ support, mainly giving legal advices

2) MIGREUROP network of associations fighting detention centres and deportations